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1" heat shrink tubing / one-inch heatshrink tubing

Shown in the image is metal handle of a knife that I put this heat shrink tubing on to both insulate it both electrically and thermally, and also to increase the comfort of grip (knife not included in this sale). Heat shrink tubing is very durable and will last practically forever both in storage and after applied. I have rolls of this stuff that work just as great today as it did 25 years ago.
Be careful because the heat required to shrink it is hot enough to burn you, and while heat shrink tubing is not known to be flammable and will not melt in open flame or when shrunk with a heat gun at its shrink temperatures, the object it is covering may be flammable and/or meltable at those temperatures. I recommend that you apply the heat evenly around the periphery of the covered object so that the tubing shrinks uniformly for a much more uniform and symmetrical fit.
This tubing doesn't even require shrinking to be useful - I've cut off sections, for example, to make a convenient storage case for electronic probes, small electronic devices (e.g. cellphones, I-Pods, etc.) because it is a tough yet cushioning and insulative covering for small, sensitive items.
1" heat shrink tubing is a particularly good size because it fits well many handles, rods, pipes, tubes, shafts and cables - the perfect intermediate size - and the size I use more than any other size. You should keep a good supply of 1" heat shrink in your every major area that can use this great stuff because you never know when something is going to unexpectantly crack or break or you need to joing two objects together or you need to insulate something or make it more user friendly to use.
NOTE: Later availability not guaranteed. LIMITED QUANTITY.
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