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Lowell 12" clock 8" speaker grille back box TC800 PC208

Offered for your consideration is one (1) USED Lowell Manufacturing model TS-800 Clock and Speaker Mounting Grille and Lowell model PC208 Recessed Back Box.
The Lowell TS-800 is a combination clock and speaker mounting grille for recessed mounting which also provides additional compartmentalized user defined mounting of additional devices such as call in switches, telephones, etc.
The TS-800 provides mounting of twelve (12) inch diameter analog clocks and eight (8) inch speakers behind an additional rectangular perforated flat black metal grille screen.
In addition, the Lowell TS-800 grille assembly is hinge mounted to the TS208 recessed back box. A key lock keeps the grille assembly snug with the back box/wall it is mounted in. Opening the grille simply requires inserting the key, turning the lock, and opening the grille like it were a door.
Inside, the eight (8) inch speaker mounts to welded studs on the grille/door while any generic, round twelve (12) inch clock is front installed on the grille and hung on a universal clock mount inside.
Three (3) lower and two (2) upper back box compartments provide isolated compartments for any additional user selected device such as call in buttons, telephones, power outlets, etc.
The unit offered here has a single gang, factory cut device mounting hole complete with tapped 6-32 cover plate holes. This hole once held a call in switch but now is covered by a single gang, stainless steel blank plate.
Both upper compartments and the lower middle compartment remain untouched while the far left lower compartment has an approximately 1/2 inch diameter factory cut hole which once fed wires to a telephone set mounted to the grille. All upper and lower accessory device locations are available for mounting any additional user chosen devices.
The grille/door is made of 18 gauge steel and finished in white powder epoxy. The speaker grille is rectangular steel mesh finished in flat black and has welded studs for mounting standard eight (8) inch speakers. The clock cutout is round and measures 9+1/4 inch in diameter. A universal clock mounting bracket is attached to the grille inside the back box and allows any twelve (12) inch analog clock to attach from inside the cabinet using a single, center mounting screw typical of most wall clocks.
A speaker of three (3) inches in depth or less can be mounted on the grille while still allowing the door to close and lock.
The PC208 back box has a sound proof coating sprayed/brushed onto the compartment which corresponds to the speaker mounting studs. The PC208 has numerous electrical knockouts located throughout the back box in every compartment allowing high voltage and low voltage devices to both be mounted in any available compartment.
This TS-800 speaker/clock grille assembly and PC208 Recessed Back Box were part of a classroom simulation display created for the Bogen Multicom DCS Communications System. This demo system spent its entire existence in a carpeted and well maintained display room and saw no abuse or misuse. Nothing is damaged other than an electrical knockout or two (2) missing on the back box from being used previously.
The PC208 is made of 20 gauge steel construction and has a one (1) inch mounting lip on each side. This cabinet and grille are intended to be mounted vertically as seen in the listing photographs.
The condition of this grille/door and back box assembly is very good. The paint has some wear marks on the surface and edges. The top, bottom, and side edges of the grille/door assembly are approximately 3/4 deep created by folding the steel grille over twice removing an sharp edges. All wear marks on the grille surface are visible in the listing photographs.
The back box measures 31 inches by 15+1/2 inches by 3 inches deep.
The grille, which attaches by a full length hinge and acts as an access door to the back box, measures 32.938 inches by 18.156 inches.
This is a very solid and heavy duty back box and grille assembly and has some weight to it. One (1) key is included with the assembly.
The PC208 can be surface mounted as well.
This listing is for one (1) USED Lowell model TS-800 clock/speaker/accessory recessed mounting grille/door and attached PC208 recessed back box. A total of two (2) identical TS-800 and PC208 combinations are available through this listing.
Specific information on the Lowell TS-800 and PC208 can be found in PDF format online at:
http:// /technical/audiospecs/3c-611%20TS800%20ClkSpkr%20grille%20+%20PC208%20BB.pdf
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