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New 5 3/4" thomson 2' linear rod w/ pacific bearings

This rod is hardened to a 60 case and precision ground.
The Pacific Linear Bearings are made from 6061-T6 and is heat treated and artificially aged aluminum with good strength and corrosion resistance and Anodized with a sulfuric bath anodizing with a nickel acetate seal that will stand up to 14 days exposure in a 5% salt spray solution at 96°F.
All bearings are precision ground both I.D. and O.D. to provide the highest quality.
Simplicity bearings can carry from 4 to 20 times the load of a linear ball bearing.
Embeddability of hard particulate eliminating seals in most applications
Self-lubricating - runs with or without added lubrication will also allow the frictional heat to dissipate through the bearing shell
Will not rust or corrode due to the anodized aluminum shell
Highly accurate - all critical OD and ID surfaces are precision ground on bearing grinders.
The liner is bonded to the bearing shell at the molecular level transferring the load throughout the bearing
Smooth running, vibration dampening, no metal-to-metal contact or shaft galling
Simplicity bearings stand up to harsh and dirty environments i.e. grease, saw dust.
Simplicity bearings will provide excellent performance in a submerged condition. The bearings will employ the fluid as a lubricant showing increased velocities and wear life. Oils and non-salt water are especially effective.
Due to self-lubrication, low outgassing, and a minimum of particulate (buildup), Simplicity bearings are excellent in clean rooms and vacuums.
I will fully guarantee this assembly.
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