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New kaman SMU9000-2U noncontact measurement system

Kaman SMU9000-2U Noncontact Measurement System NEW
1 ea. SMU9000 measurement system
These sell for over $3000 each.
The resolution is 2.5 angstrom with a range of 25 um
or 0.5 nm with a range of 0.5 mm
Accuracy of 0.1% of full scale, using computer correction.
Kaman’s SMU-9000 systems use proven inductive (eddy current) technology to measure position without contacting the target. They are ideal for applications requiring high resolution, including precision machining and grinding, spindle axial runout, mirror alignment, optical stage positioning, metrology measurements, and others. The SMU-9000 systems are based on Kaman’s proprietary Pulse Width Modulated electronics, incorporating the latest surface-mount components with printed circuit board designs. Combined with our proven eddy current sensors recognized worldwide for high reliability and outstanding quality, we provide a simple, small, stable, and highly-reliable measurement tool with extraordinarily low noise for your most demanding application.
See the following data sheet for more information:
http:// /html/products/pdf/wSMU9000-9200.pdf
Please call us at (***) 640-7709 if you have any questions.