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Phd 2 finger 1/2" parallel air gripper GRD352

This is a Nice PHD Precision Dual Jaw Parallel Travel Air Gripper, Model # GRD352-1-1501.
Advantages: Small size, pneumatic service, two jaw travels, spring assist, switches, and low cost. Features
GRIP REPEATABILITY - Within ±0.002 [±0.05 mm] of original position
TOTAL GRIP FORCE AT 87 psi - 54 lbs
BENEFITS Very high grip force to weight ratio for efficient use of space and power.
True parallel jaw travel for easy tooling design.
Double-acting for either internal or external gripping applications. Units are specified for maximum grip force for internal or external gripping for optimum unit performance.
Close tolerance jaw mechanisms minimizes jaw play. Use of male keys allows precise positioning of tooling
Internal jaw mechanism is constructed of hardened steel components and is enclosed for a minimum life of 10 million trouble-free cycles.
Reed, Hall or proximity switches are available for indication of jaw position.
Series GRD Grippers are fully field repairable.
I will fully guarantee this great unit - more available.
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Phd 2 finger 1/2