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Iboco DN30A-g 1 x 1 x 20-in gray flexible wiring duct

Material: Polypropylene, self-extinguishing, non-toxic
Standard Length: 19.7 inches (500mm)
Available in four sizes with adhesive tape
Dinosaur Duct is a unique product offering from IBOCO that is a flexible, resilient and efficient harnessing solution to your bundling needs. For wiring to cabinet doors, from control panels and for electronic equipment. For that part of the cable run that leans against the side of the control cabinet.
* Due to the flexibility of the material individual wires can be added or removed from total wires within the duct.
* Since Dinosaur has no cover it can accommodate cables in restricted space applications and also effectively removes the need for cable ties.
* It can be used in extreme operating conditions (i.e. max temp up to 176° F) and has excellent resistance to radiation if exposed to a nuclear environment.
* Dinosaur withstands mechanical stress when installed (i.e. earthquake, falling equipment) and in the event of fire does not emit corrosive or toxic gases. Smoke development is also minimal.
* The duct can be cut to desired length using scissors or knife.
When applying the Dinosaur with adhesive tape (DN-10A, DN-20A, DN-30A, DN-40A) it is necessary to make sure that the surface is perfectly clean.
Add suffix "G" for Gray or "W" for White
We have a total qty.(18) 20-inch lenghts of DN-30A-G 1X1 Flexible wiring duct. Pricing is based per each 20-in lenght.