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New M12 pnp inductive proximity sensor switch - prox

M2sensors Inc. NEW General Purpose
'Short Body' Inductive Proximity Sensor Switch
OPERATING PRINCIPLE: Units consist of coil, ferrite core, oscillator and detector circuit and solid state, (transistor) output. A high frequency magnetic field is generated by the coil in the oscillator circuit. When a target approaches the magnetic field, and induction current (eddy current) flows in the target due to electro-magnetic induction. As the target nears the sensor, the induction flow increases, which causes the load on the oscillation circuit to increase. Then the oscillation attenuates or stops. The sensor detects this change in the oscillation status with the amplitude detecting circuit and outputs the detection signal.
SENSOR PURCHASE INCLUDES: Mounting hardware, (nuts & washers), Straight Connector, 2m Cable & 4 Page Operators Instructions.
Units will detect ferrous, (iron) targets at the specified range. Units will also detect other metals, (aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass) at reduced sensing ranges:
* Iron.............................................100% of Sn
* Stainless steel................approx 70% of Sn
* Brass...............................approx 50% of Sn
* Aluminum.......................approx 36% of Sn
* Copper............................approx 32% of Sn
This is a PNP, NO switch with a Standard Sensing range of 2.0 mm, (Sn=2mm). High frequency response - great form most RPM applications.
* DC Supply Voltage 10 - 30VDC
* Off State Leakage Current ≤ 15μA
* Continuous Load Current ≤ 200mA
* Nominal Switching Distance or Rated Operating Distance (Sn) = 2.0 mm
* Shielded (embeddable - flush mount)
* Operational LED on Unit. Visible through four windows
* Straight Cable Connector with knurled metal grip
* NO (normally open) outputs an ON signal when it detects a target
* Overall Body Length 45.00 mm
* Response Frequency ≤ 800 Hz
* Temperature Range -25 °C to 70 °C
* Nickel Plated Brass Housing
* Ingress Protection Rating of IP-67 per IEC 529
* CE mark applied by the manufacturer
* Output Voltage Drop < 3 VDC
* Rated Insulation Resistance ≥ 20 MΩ
* Short Circuit Protection built in
* Reverse Polarity Protection built in
* Overall Sensor Length - 40.0 mm
* Overall Thread Length - 30.0 mm
* M12x1 Connector Thread (Euro)
The 'NEW VALUE' in the Inductive Proximity Sensor Market:
You can have one or more of these delivered to your door or place of business complete with mounting nuts with lock washers, instructions and 2m cable with a connector! Some manufacturers charge $6.00 for the cable alone! Don't be taken by high priced imports - put these sensors to work on your next program or project and start to realize instant savings.

New M12 pnp inductive proximity sensor switch - prox New M12 pnp inductive proximity sensor switch - prox New M12 pnp inductive proximity sensor switch - prox