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Kaman kd-5100 differential noncontact measure system

Kaman KD-5100 Differential Noncontact Measure System
1 ea. KD-5100 4 channel measurement system
Two precisely matched sensors per channel give resolution to a nanometer.
Superior thermal and long-term stability of 5x10-6 inches/month or better.
These differential measuring systems are a significant advance in precision measurement technology. They provide exceptional resolution, repeatability, and nulling accuracy for detecting the aligned/ centered position of a conductive target relative to a pair of noncontacting sensors.
Both sensor and KD-5100 electronics are used in vacuum applications down to 10-6 Torr. The vacuum-compatible systems use a NASA-certified heat-sink compound. These systems have been specified for orbital platforms.
See the following data sheet for more information:
http:// /html/products/pdf/wKD-5100.pdf
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