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Two spal linear actuators with controller potentiometer

The actuators are available in 2, 4, 6, 8,10, and 12"s.
Choose your size and start today!!
* 110 Pounds of Push or Pull Force
* Rated for up to 550 Pounds of Static Load
* Durable Screw Drive Assembly
* Permanently Sealed And Lubricated
* 10:1 Gear Ratio For Quick Operation
* Suitable for any 12 Volt Application
* New in box with limited factory warranty. *
* Versatile installation options.
A new line of linear actuator kits from SPAL USA allow for the custom installation of countless automotive applications that require motorization of components.
"Regardless of the automotive application, our linear actuator kits offer extremely precise control for almost anything that needs moved," said Whether it's an audio system, trunk, hood, bed cover or cowl customization, SPAL USA linear actuator kits offer a high-quality and easy-to-mount solution for these motorized installations."
SPAL USA compact linear actuators are gear-driven motors that extend a shaft with 110 lbs. of force and come in six standard stroke lengths:
Each SPAL USA linear actuator incorporates the company's advanced components and technology, and feature built-in limit switches, ACME drive systems and an IP 63 dust and water resistant rating for optimum automotive use.A linear actuator bracket kit (part #LACT-Bracket-110A) is also available for mounting applications. Billet-machined from solid aluminum for strength and appearance, the bracket is satin finished, but can be polished to a bright shine. The SPAL USA linear actuator bracket kit is sold separately and contains a bracket, mounting pad and hardware.
Customized installations using the linear actuators and brackets can be seamlessly integrated with the company's wireless remote control systems and full line of power window switches. The available 3 position controller (part #LA-CONTROLLER) is designed for use with the P series actuators. It allows the user to program in three preset positions anywhere in the actuators stroke and accurately recall them at the push of a button or external module inputs.

Two spal linear actuators with controller potentiometer Two spal linear actuators with controller potentiometer