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Direct logic koyo 10 slot plc DL305 cpu F3-04DAS F3-04A

Automation Direct Koyo DirectLogic DL305 PLC with Isolated Analog Input & Output Modules
* F3-04ADS Isolated Analog Input Module
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* 10 slot local or expansion base (requires 24 VDC power),
CPU must reside in the first slot of the local CPU base.
The F3-RTU-1 plugs into the CPU slot of the DL305 and directly controls a
maximum of 184 I/O. This CPU executes programs written in interpreted
FACTS extended BASIC (software included). Two serial communications
ports support several protocols.
General Specifications:
* Two RS232C/RS422/RS485 selectable ports
* Port 1 can be controlled by BASIC.
* Port 2 is controlled by BASIC, MODBUS RTU
(driver is downloaded into program space) or
dedicated to DYNAMIC protocol. If the control
program enables the Dynamic protocol, then this
port will always respond to Dynamic requests
independent of the Basic program operation
(even if it is not running).
* Control up to 184 I/O points per CPU.
* Scan time is dependent on the BASIC program.
Automatic I/O update every 10ms(user-adjustable in 10ms increments)
* Built-in Real-Time Calendar Clock
* Floating-point math for complex calculations
* 128K battery-backed RAM
* Special instructions simplify on/off control
manipulation of communications with serial devices.
* Special features for unsolicited report by exception,
time stamping, program up/download over SCADA network.
F3-04DAS Analog Output Module
* 4 channel isolated analog output module,
* 12 bit resolution, ranges: 0 to 5V, 0 to 10V, -5 to +5V, -10 to +10V, 4 to 20mA, 0 to 20mA.
-750 to +750V DC channel to channel isolation
F3-04ADS Analog Input Module
* 4-channel isolated analog input module
* 12 bit resolution, ranges: 0 to 5V, 0 to 10V, -5 to +5V, -10 to +10V, 1 to 5V, 0 to 20mA, 4 to 20mA,
-750 to +750 VDC channel-to-channel isolation
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Any questions call us at : (***)-421-2389
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