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Kollmorgen servo amp, motor

Servo Motor Spec's (MT306B1-E2C1):
Kollmorgen GOLDLINE® XT servomotors offer high performance in a cost effective package. These motors have a unique rotor design using highest energy rare permanent magnetics and a proprietary stator assembly for better heat transfer.
• Very high torque in a compact package
When combined with our SERVOSTAR® CD series digital amplifiers, the Kollmorgen GOLDLINE® XT system becomes an easy-to-set-up, high performance motion control solution.
Kollmorgen SERVOSTAR® CD Series Amplifier
SERVOSTAR® CD offers a unique combination of technology and operational simplicity in a compact, cost effective package. It is compatible with a wide range of servomotors including Kollmorgen GOLDLINE® (rotary), Kollmorgen PLATINUM® (linear), and frameless models.
* Fully digital processing - for exceptional speed control, torque control and long term reliability
* MOTIONLINK® software with simple installation and setup to have you up and running fast
* PI, PDFF and Pole Placement digital control loop options - provide the ultimate flexibility for simple to complex control tuning requirements
* Advanced Sinewave Commutation technology - precise low speed control reduces torque ripple
* Patented Torque Angle Control - increases torque and speed to enhance motor performance
* Compact package - rugged, spacesaving metal enclosure provides protection against ESD and EMI
* User tolerant - built in protection from overvolts, undervolts, overcurrent and overtemperature
* Integrated Power Supply - connects directly to 115 or 230 VAC
* RS-232 or 485 communications - Unique multi-drop RS-232 or highly rugged RS-485
* Internal diagnostics - to detect and identify system inconsistencies for quick analysis and troubleshooting
* Accepts Analog, Pulse/Direction, or Master Encoder Command - multiple methods allow you to choose the optimal one for the application
* Fast motor accelerations - 3 to 1 peak / continuous current rating
* SERVOSTAR® Family of Digital Amplifiers
* SERVOSTAR® CD with Kollmorgen GOLDLINE® XT
Systems Technical Publication (KOL-1239)
* Kollmorgen GOLDLINE® DDR with Kollmorgen SERVOSTAR® CD
Systems Technical Publication (KOL-1242)
New D14 High Torque plus High Voltage Series with SERVOSTAR 600
Addendum to the Kollmorgen GOLDLINE DDR with Kollmorgen SERVOSTAR CD (KOL-1243)
* SERVOSTAR® CD with Kollmorgen Motors
Systems Technical Publication (KOL-1178)
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* Kollmorgen GOLDLINE® XT (housed rotary)
* Kollmorgen GOLDLINE® B and Kollmorgen GOLDLINE® M (housed rotary)
* Kollmorgen GOLDLINE® DDR (direct drive rotary) Motors
* Kollmorgen PLATINUM® DDL (direct drive linear) Motors
* Kollmorgen RBE (frameless)