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07-03228 bird 4521 19" rack panel mounted 43 wattmeter

Bird Electronic Model 4521 Wattmeter
The Bird Model 4521 is essentially identical to the Model 43 Wattmeter except it is intended to be mounted in a 19" rack. It measures both forward and reflected CW power in 50W coaxial transmission lines. Low VSWR and insertion loss, ± 5% of full scale accuracy. Plug-in elements provide a wide choice of frequency ranges from 2 to 1000 MHz and power levels from 1W to 10KW. Select one or more elements to suit your requirements (not included).
We also sell wattmeters & dummy loads.
* Comes with UHF-Female QC Connectors. Other Quick Change (QC) connectors available
* Weight: 4.5 lbs. (unpacked) / Dimensions: 6 7/8” (H) x 5 1/2” (W) x 3 5/8” (D)
* Condition: Working / Tested / Stock Photo
* IMPORTANT - Tamper seals have been installed on this item. You forfeit your right to a refund if the tamper seals are removed or altered. No exceptions.

07-03228 bird 4521 19