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Canon r-10 laser rotary encoder 81,000 ppr

Canon R-10 Laser Rotary Encoder 81,000 ppr
This items has been tested and is in excellent condition, come with a 7-day guarantee.
81,000 pulses per revolution without interpolation give a resolution of 16 arc-seconds
with simple 4 times interpolation, the resolution is 4 arc-seconds
Canon laser rotary encoders use the light-diffraction interference method, with a semiconductor laser as the light-emitter element. The result is an ultra-compact size encoder that combined was impossible with traditional rotary encoders.
See manufacturers web site for additional information:
http:// /optoelectro/1_Laser_Rotary/1-1.html
Semiconductor Laser 780 nm, 5 mW max.
Maximum permissible rotating speed
max. 90 % RH (no condensation)
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