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3 to 5 hp static phase converter--des-co industries

The Industrial Phase Converter Company
Manufacturing 3-Phase Power for 37 years
Des-co Static Converters operate on 208-240 Volts Single Phase Input-Call for 480 Volts
Always Call First with the specifications of your motor or equipment-All motors are not created equal, even of the same Hp rating. Different motor manufacturers have different spec's on their motor. We manufacture our static converters to match your specific motor-not with just a basic Hp rating. We have a data-base with motor specifications -So, always call first with the information of your motor first and we'll see if our static covnerter will work for your application. Not for air compressors or other equipment that operate under a full load or start/stop over five to six times per hour. In this case consider using a rotary converter.
Start/Stop pushbutton control is an option if needed, give us a call for other wiring options on our Static converter panels.
This is a heavy duty rotary Static Phase Converter, designed for maximum output and of the rated hp of your motor. We can also add any number of optional features you may need for your operation, such as push-button start/stop. Please call first
If possible always use a Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Rotary Generator motor on all your equipment if possible -Not an open style motor, NOT a rolled steel motor but a heavy duty cast iron frame Totally Enclosed, designed for industrial duty and locations. Read about why this is important and the specifications of different motors and phase converters at /specifications
Designed to generate at a maximum three phase output-lower in-rush starting currents. 2-5% Constant Balanced output for CNC Equipment. Call first with the specifications of your equipment for proper sizing to match your equipment.
Heavy duty oil filled capacitors to insure a constant three phase balanced output at maximum load and lower current draw at idle
. An important consideration in Phase Converters is this:
The Rotary Motor is the heart of the Phase Converter. A Heavy Duty Cast Iron Frame Rotary Motor will operate much cooler, more efficient and generate more power then any "Open Style" motor. Its also common sense the if the motor needs to suck air into it to cool, then dust and insects are going in also. Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Rotary Motors are superior in Phase Converters then the Open motors in Power Output. Open motors are much cheaper to purchase and to manufacture a phase converter with, but they are not nearly as reliable as a TEFC Model. Use a 12 volt car battery for example. You can find one that is light weight or one that you can't hardly pick up. The light weight battery may start your lawnmower but it sure isn't going to start your pickup truck. For maximum power output in relation to horsepower in phase converters, always use a Cast Iron TEFC Rotary Motor
We insure that our Phase Converters have enough output capacitors to handle the current draw on the induced phase that the converter generates. Balanced voltage output does not mean the converter will handle the current draw of your equipment, it only means that enough capacitors were installed to balance the voltage, but the induced output leg will not have enough capacitance to handle the load. You can balance a converter using only a couple of capacitors, but doing this is like trying to start a large diesel truck with a lawnmower battery. The voltage may be there, but there is not enough current to do the job from the battery.
Des-Co has designed each converter to be able to handle the amperage draw on the induced phase, not with only just balancing the voltage output but for maximum amperage output also. Most Panels you find rely on the motor windings only to generate the third phase, which causes an unbalanced output. but Des-Co Panels not only provide a balanced voltage output, but help control the amperage levels of all three phases.
Simple to install-Simple to hook-up. Buss-Bars are provided for ease of connections, with lots of room to make the connections. No wire nuts, no taping. Single phase input-Three phase output.
Des-Co Industries gurantees the Phase Converter will operate your equipment if sized properly. A toll-free number 1-(***)-549-6008 is available, it takes only a minute to get assurance that our Phase Converters are compatible with your equipment.
The Industrial Phase Converter Company
37 years of Manufacturing Three Phase Power-

3 to 5 hp static phase converter--des-co industries 3 to 5 hp static phase converter--des-co industries