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Closeout: t-bar 72 pole ( ) double throw toggle switch

Only TWO switch assemblies left!!
We just bought out a long time Phoenix surplus electronics distributor. All of these parts are
absolutely "as new", most are aerospace quality, and most are leading traditional American
brands. The bulk of the items are unused production overstock. Offered items are not ROHS
We have a number of superb items in limited quantities that we are offering as one shot
Offered here is a rare collectible from another era: Genuine T-Bar toggle switches rated
an astonishing seventy two poles (!) of double throw action. Or, if desired, dual units
are easily split into two side-by-side switches of thirty six poles each. Or even cut in
half for two separate thirty six pole switches.
Normal web pricing on these is $289. When and if they can be found.
Contacts appear to be rated somewhere around 3 amps at 110 volts. 216 eyelet style
terminals for direct wiring. Surprisingly, only a modest amount of force is needed for
switching. When viewed from the panel, the dual unit appears as two side-by side
conventional toggle switches. These have been ganged together with a removable
round bar that is somewhat similar to a ganged circuit breaker.
Dual assembly measures 2-1/2 x 2 inches by 1-3/16 deep. Mounts in a pair of
15/32 inch holes on 1-3/16 inch centers. Usual T-bar green plastic color
Guaranteed usable. Received by us in apparently unused "new old stock" condition still
in original distributor poly packaging. Switches appear pristine; outer packaging shows
moderate storage and age cosmetics. Includes full mounting hardware of regular and
for the first switch and $1.50 extra for each additional switch. AZ residents add 8.1% sales tax.