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X y block pic design umr 5.16 5 5/8" x 5 3/4" x 3"

X Y BLOCK PIC DESIGN UMR 5.16 5 5/8" X 5 3/4" X 3"
Here we have a very nice X Y block.
Overall dimensions are 5 5/8" tall, 5 3/4" long (when centered) and 3" wide (base plate)
Long axis: 2 1/8" of travel (moves over each end of the base plate).
Vertical: 5/8" travel. This plate is sprung so it is normally in the UP position, so basically it can move 5/8 of an inch DOWN. (see pictures).
The black aluminum hanging off the front of the plate can be removed to attach whatever you want to it, it came from a factory that makes pick-n-place machines for IC production and they used alot of pneumatics.
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X y block pic design umr 5.16 5 5/8