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Automatic 180 hp phasemaster rotary phase converter

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Automatic 180 HP PhaseMaster Rotary Phase Converter
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This Phasemaster rotary phase converter is designed to handle any heavy duty multiple motor, heater, resistance or rectifier load. The converter will drive one motor of the LARGEST horsepower rating shown, plus any number of smaller motors up to the TOTAL horsepower listed.
The converter will operate on 230V or 460V, 1-phase input. The 3-phase output voltage is the same as the 1-phase input. This automatically operated converter must be ordered as 230V or 460V. Consult us for 208 volt applications or where 208 volt, 4-wire output is required.
All motors operating on a Phasemaster converter will develop 100% of the motors rated nameplate horsepower.
This automatically Operated Converter includes a side mounted box with contactor and controls to switch the converter on and off as required by the load. Use this converter for unattended applications such as air conditioners, elevators, or other cyclic loads that do not run continuously.
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