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Cable 22 awg 9 conductor pvc jacket unshielded 500 feet

PVC Jacketed & Unshielded Multi Conductor Cable 22 AWG / 9 Conductor ~ 500 foot roll Looking for a different color or length? Click here or check the links below
9 conductor, 22 AWG stranded, semi-rigid PVC insulation, chrome gray PVC jacket, unshielded, RS232 cable. Quabbin Wire P/N 7150. Made in USA
* Color code: Black/Red/White/Green/Orange/Blue/Brown/Yellow/Violet
* (UL) NEC Type CM Article 800
* AWM Style 2464, 300V 80 deg C
* CSA AWM I/II A/B FT4, 300V 80 deg C
* Cond. DC Resistance: 14.7 Ohms/K ft
* Cond. to Cond. Capacitence: N/A
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