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Eddy system & bolt hole scanner aircraft metal fatigue

Description and features as described in the Magnaflux HT-100 manual,
"The Model HT-100 Automatic Hole Scanner system is a compact, portable instrument widely used for locating surface and near-surface discontinuities on the interior of fastener holes in metal parts and assemblies. The HT-100 is most commonly used for the detection of cracks in fastener holes in high stress areas in aluminum parts and structures, but can also be used on other materials such as titanium or steel. The instument can also be a valuable tool for crack growth studies on in-service aircraft or other structural members during fatigue testing. The HT-100 is easy to calibrate and set up by following a straightforward step by step procedure. A simple adjustment of the depth of scan is made by turning a thumbwheel control at the top of the scanner while viewing the actual setting through a clear plastic window. The scanner, able to be held comfortably in one hand, is controlled simply by thumb operation of the rocker switch. Scanning and recording upon hole entry is accomplished by setting the switch in the forward position. When the preset depth is reached, both probe drive and chart advance will stop. The probe may then be removed from the hole or the scanner switch set to the reverse position to inspect and record as the probe exits the hole.
*Portable unit, easy to carry & use - *Magnaflux proven & reliable - *Lightweight handheld scanner - *Scanner provides simultaneous rotation & linear motion of probe - *Continuously variable rotational speed from 40-120 RPM. - *Useable with shielded or unshielded probes - *Wide range of probe sizes - *Built-in chart recorder to provide permanent record of test results - *Includes multi-step filter switch to improve signal-to-noise ratio
Controls include- * Lift-Off Frequency - *Balance - *Gain - *Filter - *Clip Level - *RPM - *Chart - *Speed - *Position - *Trace - *Depth Thumbwheel - *Scanner control
Technical information- *Case, molded reinforced fiberglass with heavy-duty hinges and handles - *Case dimensions: 18" x10" x 9" @ 24lbs - *Scanner 2 1/2" x 3" x 4 1/2" 1.5 lbs, frequency 55Khz to 200Khz - *Probe speed: Variable from 40-120 RPM. Scan helix rate at .025" per revolution(40 revolutions per inch) - *Filter Settings: Six positions total. Five positions from 6 Hz to 18 Hz and unfiltered position - *Readout 3 1/2" front panal analog meter and chart recorder display - *Recorder: Single channel thermal wiring type. 40mm wide chart paper. Chart speed 5 mm/sec. and 10 mm /sec. selectable by front switch - *Power Requirements: 115 VAC 50/60 Hz, single phase"
Offered is a Magnaflux HT-100.
This is an Untested instument.
This instrument powers-up. When plugged in Scanner accepts all probes and system's RPM adjustment functions scanner speed good in forward and reverse. The indicator needle moves smoothly, has clear clean plastic viewing window, all numbers/letters are well defined and easy to read. When unit placed on test needle moves across to right side of meter. Chart recorder is in good operating condition. When turned on the recorder immediately began recording and will operate in a faster mode if selected. Stylus writing is clearly defined and easily to read. (paper already loaded inside and (1) new paper roll provided)
All cables and connections are in good condition. Scanner/cables attach/connect easily. All dials, switches, buttons and screws turn smoothly and/or function snappy. The red plastic "Output Terminal" is missing. The terminal is fine and Oscope/probe will attach with no problem, terminal fastner is still there just the plastic covering to the fastner is missing.
Case opens/closes properly and the two outside twist locks function well. Lid lever secures inner lid closed and whole lid is removable. Foam removed from the inner lid, the foam was old, lid cleaned up fine without reisdue and can now hold all the equipment.
The HT-100 instument's overall condition shows minor wear.
The scanner shows some cosmetic scratches and paint wear.
Includes a bundle of transducers, probes:
(18) Probes - all fit scanner and are in good condition.
(9) Transducers included, all in good coindition and fit probe/scanner.
There are (5) cables shown in the photos. I had to pull one of the cables from the lot as it was mixed into this set and photographed prior to being removed and added to the other soon to be listed MagnfluxHT-100 set available for purchase.
(1) ED-520 Eddy Current Test Instrument operator instruction manual.
(1) HT-100 Automatic Hole Scanner System operator instruction manual.
Only personnel trained and qualified in NDT eddy current testing should operate this test equipment.
Untrained and uqualified operators of NDT eddy current test equipment use risk injury and death to self and others.
I assume no liability for the improper use of this equipment.
Again, please, only trained, qualified NDT Eddy Current technichians should operate this test equipment.
Your satisfaction is important.
Thanks for looking and thank you for your purchase.

Eddy system & bolt hole scanner aircraft metal fatigue Eddy system & bolt hole scanner aircraft metal fatigue Eddy system & bolt hole scanner aircraft metal fatigue Eddy system & bolt hole scanner aircraft metal fatigue