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New hitachi kp-D51 ccd digital color camera

Hitachi KP-D51 Color CCD Camera (CS or C-Mount)
This system is used but has never been used. This unit was removed from the box recently and now the box has been misplaced. The condition is excellent and there are no signs of wear, scratches, etc. This unit powers on but I am unable to test since I don’t have a C-Mount or CS lens. Actual working specifications and operation of this unit cannot be guaranteed.
The KP-D51 is ideal for observation, video conferencing and image processing systems
Using digital signal processing technology, the KP-D51colour camera offers versatile features including high resolution of 460 TV lines, high sensitivity of 2 lux minimum, backlight compensation, electronic shutter, character display, auto white balance and RS-232C remote control.
* Excellent picture quality, superb sensitivity, high resolution
The newly developed digital signal processing LSI is incorporated to provide excellent image quality through such signal processing as digital 2H contour compensation and high-luminance compression.
The newly designed CCD sensor is equipped to provide superb sensitivity and high resolution
* Outstanding stability, high reliability
The DSP LSI allows various functions to be controlled by the built-in microprocessor.
Using the advantages of digital signal processing, outstanding stability and high reliability are ensured.
* A wide range of image quality control functions can be set using the on screen menu.
· Imaging device: 1/2" interline transfer CCD
· Effective number of pixels: 768 (H) x 494 (V)
· Sensing area: 6.45 (H) x 4.84 (V) mm
· Pixel size: 8.4 (H) x 9.8 (V) um
· Scanning system: 2:1 interlaced
· Sync system: Internal or genlock
Black burst/composite video signal, 1.0 volt p-p, 75 ohms or high impedance switchable, video 0.7 volts p-p or less positive, sync 0.3 volts p-p negative, burst 0.3 volts p-p 8cycles or more
· Horizontal scanning frequency: 15.734kHz
· Vertical scanning frequency: 59.94Hz
· Horizontal resolution: 470 TV lines
· Vertical resolution: 350 TV lines
· Signal to noise ratio: >50dB
· Minimum illumination in normal mode: 2.0 lux at f1.2, max AGC +21dB
· Illumination range: 2.0 lux to 100,000, with auto iris lens
· AGC: On/off switchable, +12, +15, +18, +21dB
· Gamma correction: 0.45 or 1.0 switchable
· Backlight correction: Automatic backlight detection function, photometric area selectable form 8 positions on screen
· White Balance: 3 mode, auto tracking white balance, pre set and manual, range 2,500 to 8,000K
· Digital signal processing: Input 9 bits, output 8 bits
· Camera mount: 20 UNC on bottom
· Auto iris lens output: Switchable between video signal or dc control voltage
· Electronic shutter: 8 steps from 1/60th to 1/10,000th second, Auto electronic shutter 1/60th to 1/10,000 second with upper limit settable to 1/1,000, 1/2,000 or 1/4,000th second
· Text display: Up to 24 alphanumeric characters can be displayed
· Composite video output (VBS): 1.0 volts p-p, 75 ohms impedance unbalanced, video 0.7 volts p-p positive, sync 0.3 volts p-p negative
· Remote control: From personal computer via the RS-232C interface
· Anti-vibration: 3G or less, at 10 to 55 Hz in each of X,Y and Z directions for 30 minutes
· Ambient temperature and humidity: -10 to +50C less than 95% RH
· Power supply: 117 volts ac, 60 Hz
· Power consumption: Approximately 6.0 watts
· Dimensions: 64 (W) x 55 (H) x 178 (D) mm
· Weight: Approximately 600 grams
FOUND: Operation manual will be included in sale.

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