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Litz wire loop antennas crystal set coils medium wave

Litz wire antennas Hi Q coils AM loop Crystal set
1 of these air variable capacitors normally about $10.00 each
Click here for specs on the capacitors
This means the wire contain 175 strands of #46 wire.
Use it to build high Q antennas, coils, traps or for your crystal sets. Loop antenna performance is improved when using the Litz wire do to the higher "Q" factor
This is brand new wire from New England Wire and Cable, with a manufacture date of October of 2007
The # 46 wire size, is ideal the gauge for AM broadcast band providing for the highest "Q" coils and and loop antennas. The combined diameter of the 175 strands of #46 wire is .029" or roughly the size of a single #22 wire.
Each strand of #46 wire is woven in a quite specific pattern to minimize losses in the bundle.
This is a single served wire meaning it has a single wrap of nylon.
The wire cuts easy and solders with a simple 25 to 35 watt soldering iron. It is not even necessary to pull off the nylon. Just solder right on top of it and the nylon melts back and seals the end.
Please tell your friends where to get their Litz Wire.
Thank you and good luck building.
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