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Sensorswitch, inc. pp-20 occupancy sensor power pack

Power Pack - Relay Circuit Protection Description Power Packs are the heart of the Low Voltage Sensor System. The PP-20 transforms 120, 240 or 277 Volts to Class II 15 VDC to power the remote sensors. Utilizing our Patented Relay Circuit Protection the PP-20 also switches the lighting load "On" and "Off". This method has been tested to over 400,000 cycles at rated load! Although Plenum Rated, the elongated mounting nipple allows for the PP-20 to be mounted either directly through a 1/2” inch knockout in a junction box, or to be located inside an adjacent box for specific local code requirements. Up to 14 sensors may be connected to one PP-20. Multi-circuit control can be handled by multiple PP-20's, or via 2-Pole Power Packs (PP-20-2P) and Slave Packs (SP-20). PP-20's can be wired continuously hot (line side), or on the switch leg (load side) without nuisance delays upon turn on. Additional product information can be found on the manufacturer's website:http:// /OnlineCatalog.aspx