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Lot (10) 5 terminal hermetically sealed feedthrus 9/16"

Only SIXTY EIGHT lots of TEN remaining!
We just bought out a long time Phoenix surplus electronics distributor. All of these parts are
absolutely "as new", most are aerospace quality, and most are leading traditional American
brands. The bulk of the items are unused production overstock. Offered items are not ROHS
Hermetically sealed do-it-yourself feedthrough terminals can be both very hard
to find and outrageously expensive. Offered here are lots of ten five terminal
They solder or are otherwise secured into a 9/16 inch hole and have five eyeletted.
terminals, shorter on one side. We estimate these are usable for high vacuum, pressures
beyond 200 PSI, higher or cyro temperatures, and currents in the eight amp and 250 volt range.
Use anyplace that waterproofing, operation across a pressure differential, or environmental
Appears to be aerospace quality and probably US made.
Guaranteed usable. Received by us as loose distributor stock. May include minor storage cosmetics.
first lot of 10 and $1.00 for each additional lot of 10. AZ residents add 8.1% sales tax.
Or email us if you need more info.

Lot (10) 5 terminal hermetically sealed feedthrus 9/16