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New port PM500-4L linear stage PM500-C6 PM500-4L.100

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The PM500-L Series is Newport's highest performing linear stage family, combining highly repeatable trajectory with ultra-precise positioning. The stages are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure precision and quality. It incorporates direct-output metrology to deliver outstanding dynamic performance.
For optimum positioning performance and seamless compatability, these stages must be used with the PM500-C6 series controllers.
This unit has the following specifications:
* Travel Range: 4 in. (100 mm)
* Minimum Incremental Motion: 0.1 um
* Bi-Directional Repeatability: 0.2 um
* Absolute Accuracy: +/- 1 0.5 um per 100 mm, typical
* Speed Range: 0.01 um/s to 100 mm/s
* Speed Regulation: +/- 1% RMS typical above 10 um/s
* Acceleration Range: 0.001 - 0.25 g
* Normal Load Capacity: 340 N
* Straightness/Flatness (over center 80% travel): 1.5 um
Unit retails new for $7,445.00
This item is in excellent condition, working perfectly, and comes with a 14 Day Guarantee Against DOA.
Our 14 Day Guarantee Against DOA (Dead On Arrival) does not guarantee compatibility.
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